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We are a mixed Morris dancing side based in Dartford, Kent. We loosely follow the English 'Border' tradition of dances - mainly dances with big sticks - although some elements of the NorthWest and Molly traditions occasionaly surface in our dancing as does our Maypole (or Junepole and even Julypole).

The team practise in Dartford every Monday evening through September to April and from May till August, we dance out with other teams at various pubs and festivals throughout Kent and occasionally furher afield. We also perform for charity fund-raisers like Children in Need and are available for hire if you have a function we can enliven.

Morris dancing is good fun, helps keep you fit, is entertaining, and is a very sociable activity with frequent pub music and song sessions after dancing, to help keep the cultural tradition alive.

We are looking for new dancers/musicians to join us!

But - Beware - Morris Dancing can be addictive

If you would like to have a go, just come and watch, or want to hire us - or just want to know more then please e-mail us at

We now have an open page on facebook - just search for us


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